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Cipro’s systems-Fleet Management and Tracking System

CIPRO'S Fleet Management and Fuel Monitoring is an industry leader in providing tailored fleet management solutions and offers revolutionary technologies, advanced support and innovative ways for you to get the most out of your fleet.

With Our Systems, you are able to Monitor REAL TIME: WHERE and WHEN and HOW MANY LITRES of fuel has been stolen from your vehicles, tankers, truck, Machinery and storage tanks. Our systems can provide accurate fuel reports on how much was filled in the vehicle, how much the vehicle consumed and how much was drained or siphoned

Cipro’s state-of-the-art, on board, computerized system allowing full control of vehicle fleet. The system mainly focuses at the fleet utilization by taking into account and control, all aspects of vehicle usage. Cipro is also be used as a vehicle tracking system, utilizing Geographic Information System (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS) and Wireless data technologies.

The system operates completely automatically and is supplied with a real time data management using built in cellular modem. The impact of the Cipro system on increasing the operating efficiencies of large vehicle fleet by 10-30% has already been proven in over 100,000 vehicles installed in Africa.

View the Exact Location of the Vehicle| Exact amount of Fuel in the Tank in Litres | View speed violations | Parkings | Bad Driving Habits | Periodic regular Reports

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Justification for Cipro's Tracking System

Taking a case where the following are logged and shown from the system; • Driver identification • Vehicle start and stop time • Time taken between each trip • The speed of the vehicle • Rpm(revolutions per minute) • Acceleration and deceleration (Harsh braking) • Vehicle destination and positions • Routes followed by the vehicle • Trip distance • Trip cost • Violations on over-speeding, over-raving (rpm),over-acceleration/deceleration (Harsh braking) idling etc • Last five-minute data before the accident • Driver performance • Fuel consumption, our statistics and experience shows that you are bound to lose on the below parameters as per cost statistics shown below;

Accidents: One major cause of accidents on our roads is as a result of poor driving habits. This will include over-speeding, harsh breaking, over acceleration and so on. With Cipro system put in place, we are assuring your organization that these shall drastically reduce or even put to a stop.

i. Maintenance Cost: There occurs a lot of wear and tear due to bad driving habits. With installation of our systems, better driving habits can be achieved and as a result there will be a reduction in general breakages.

ii. Unauthorized mileage:In many cases, organizations tend to lose so much money due to this vice. With the system installed on your fleet, verification of this factor shall be done in a number of ways. This shall be via time factors while looking at the private mileage and official mileage, also by making use of GPS facility on the system. This shall be a sure means to verify that the driver has been to correct designated area at the right time.

iii. Exceptional control: This is achieved by looking at various analysis reports produced by the system. This includes events (stops and starts of the vehicles at various places along the route), over speeding, over RPM, over acceleration and deceleration etc. These are all available on both textual and pictorial analysis.

iv. Fuel: The system also has the capacity to monitor the fuel usage. This is one sure way that the organization will be in position to monitor cases of drivers misusing fuel from their fleet. At every instance of such event, you will be in a position to know the exact location from the map, the driver, the time and amount of fuel misused.

summary: With installation of fleet management system, savings will be experienced in the following areas: i. Accidents: US$ 7,200; ii. Maintenance costs: 4,200; iii. Unauthorized mileage: 103,477; iv. Fuel: 4,435; Total saving per year when using our systems: $ 119,312

Total saving per year when using our systems: $ 119,312

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