• CCTV Cameras

    Vehicle Tracking and Fuel Monitoring

    GSM/GPRS/Hybrid Live Web based Tracking

  • IT Devices and Mobile Tracking

    Vehicle Tracking and Fuel Monitoring

    Anti-fuel Theft Solution

  • Fire Systems

    Vehicle Tracking and Fuel Monitoring

    Periodic Performance Reports

  • CCTV Cameras

    Vehicle Tracking and Fuel Monitoring

    Real Time Tracking

Fleet Management

Manage your fleet the best and right way you, we have GPRS fleet management systems that help you keep track of your vehicles .

Car Tracking

Secure your car, control its movements, shut down its engine remotely, know its speed and many more simply by using you phone

Phone Tracking

Secure your phone from being stolen, do you want to know what your employees do, if your spouse is cheating on you, contact us.


Monitor your home and premises, see what goes on when your eyes are not seeing, record surveillence footages and replay them later.

Acces Control

Limit access to certain areas of your business premises or homes, know who accessed which area at what time using our Biometric Systems.

Fire Extinguishers

Control Fires, stop them from happening put them out when they start easily using fire extinguishers and sprinklers among other .


We offer an almost 24/7 support service on all the work we do, incase you have an emergency and need quick help, simply contact us ASAP.


Do you want a specific service and need help in executing it, we offer consultancy services and as well provide the specific services of executing them.

Intruder Alarm Systems

Do you travel or work far, secure your home with GSM Burglar alarms that let you know in case a person enters your home minus permission.


For Hotels, Businesses, Homes etc we install intercoms to ease communications for you and your family as well as clients.

Metal Detectors

Deter people from accesing your premises with fire arms and deadly weapons, get metal detectors and walk through detectors today.

Laptop Trackers

Your laptop is the most vital gadget in todays modern world, secure it with a tracker and know where it is as well as who uses it and for what.